Caleb Will
PHS Dean of Students

Hello, Pioneers!

I am Caleb Will and I am the Dean of Students at Palestine High School. I was the high school mathematics teacher at PHS for the first seven years of my education career. I am beyond excited for the new position and look forward to the upcoming school year. 


Palestine CUSD #3 is known for its dedication to excellence and students and I will continue that tradition. I look forward to working with students in my new setting and hope my enthusiasm and energy are felt by all! 


I am fortunate to have worked with the majority of our staff at the high school. I also was a part of the hiring process for our new staff members. I can confidently say that you are all highly skilled and devoted to education. This makes my transition into the Dean position so much easier! I know we will work together and make decisions for the benefit of our students.

The vision of Palestine High School is to create an atmosphere where learning becomes a way of life, where students develop a work ethic and a sense of responsibility that will serve them well in any endeavor they pursue and where success is measured against potential. My goal is to promote success for all staff and students in the building. PHS students are held to a high standard and I will continue promoting growth for every student. 

Thank you for welcoming me into the school and community.

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