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Mrs. Pearse's 
Pre-K Page


Welcome the the PGS preschool program, where we learn through immersive play based and engaging units of study. Each month, we focus our activities and learning experiences around our theme that the students choose, while still learning day by day about our letters, shapes, numbers, and colors and how to always be our best self. Students are enlisted in a half day program, where both breakfast and lunch are served on a daily basis. 

Our program focus is on social and emotional development while providing students with the skills to resolve dilemmas and nurture their individual abilities  while building a foundation to help them be successful in life. We are all a part of something bigger, so let's dig in!

Recent Units of Study Highlights




Fun Filled Field Trips

Meet Me... Mrs. Pearse and I

am the lead preschool teacher

at PGS. 

I'm a Crawford County native

and attended schools  here

until continuing my education

at EIU. 

I love exploring, singing and

dancing, nurturing students

growth and  helping families in

any capacity along the way.

My teaching heart belongs in


My family and I have two

Siberian Huskies, love animals and the outdoors, own a small farm, and we love adventure! I believe in learning through play and personal experience and I try to bring as much of the world into the classroom as I possibly can. 

Contact Info  

(618) 586-2711

Meet Me...Miss Maggie and I am

the  preschool teacher's aide at

PGS. I enjoy working with small

children and watching them

grow through a creative

classroom that promotes social,

cognitive, and emotional learning.

I attended Palestine schools

through my educational career

and upon graduation, continued

my education at Vincennes

University, where I graduated

with an associates degree in

child development. I currently reside in Flat Rock, IL where I have grown up all my life. 

Meet Me...Miss Blake, an alum of

Palestine High School and a

current paraprofessional with

the schools and one of OPH's

Track and Field Coaches. I am

currently serving as a translator

in the pre-k classroom!

I love to constantly learn and

teach myself new skills and

hobbies. My favorite hobbies

are colorful/artistic makeup and

Spanish. I've loved Spanish since

high school and pursued it in

college as one of my minors. My interest in Spanish has brought me many wonderful experiences, including joining my Co-Ed Latino Interest Fraternity and studying abroad in Spain!"


Daily Routines


Center Time always includes but is not limited to:

  • Blocks

  • Music and Movement

  • Science and Inquiry

  • Math 

  • Art

  • Reading and Literacy

  • Fine Motor Manipulatives

  • Dramatic Play

  • Cozy/Quiet 

  • Sensory

  • Sand/Water


Important Info

Pre-K Non Attendance Days.jpg

Family Engagement Opportunities

  • Monthly Family Nights - pre-k students and their families are invited to a themed open house event - filled with activities, snacks, games, educational experiences, and take home resources! We love having guardians get to know their kids' teachers and friends, friends and their families too!

  • Curriculum Involvement - during each unit of study, we invite parents to reach out with their knowledge or experience in that area. Close friends, family, and neighborhood volunteers are invited into our classroom to share what they know, with our smallest pioneers.

  • Field Trips - Each field trip comes at zero cost to the student's family with meals included, and families are always invited to participate as well!

Here you will find links to many videos that your students have access to and use on a regular basis while at school. Although there are many other helpful and engaging videos and activities out there, these are some that they may be most familiar with. 

Resources for You

Favorite Academic Videos

Favorite Action Videos

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them" - Lady Bird Johnson

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