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Welcome the the PGS preschool program, where we learn through immersive play and engaging units of study. Each week, we focus our activities and learning experiences around our theme, while still learning day by day about our letters, shapes, numbers, and colors and how to always be our best self. Students are enlisted in a half day program, where both breakfast and lunch are served on a daily basis. Our focus is on social and emotional development while providing students with the skills to resolve dilemmas and solve problems on their own and build a foundation to help them be successful in life. We are all a part of something bigger, so let's dig in!

Zelda in the Classroom

Zelda is a five year old, female Siberian Husky, that belongs

to my husband and I. She is a registered emotional support

animal that will be present in our pre-k classroom from time

to time and for special occasions. As the school year

progresses, she will be present more frequently, for the

students have learned her rules and the routines that we

follow when she is present. By having Zelda in the classroom,

students are able to self regulate their emotions and will look to Zelda for quiet but emotional comfort. Students are also more likely to bring more of their learning experiences home and will be more willing and able to share those experiences with people they are close with. Students have their own set of rules that they have to follow to help keep Zelda safe so that she is able to return time and time again. By having a class pet, Zelda specifically, students have something to relate to, something to make connections with, and something to enhance their learning experiences in not only physical, but social and emotional ways as well. 


A tremendous thank you to all who volunteered, those who donated, and the generous sponsors that supported our preschool class in our first fundraiser of the year. Students and their families held a car wash to help raise funds for our upcoming field trips, as well as immersive and engaging activities that will take place in the classroom. Students had fun working in the summer sun, collaborating and building relationships with their peers, while developing an understanding and appreciation for hard work. 

Supporting Young Readers

Hi there, 

   My name is Mrs. Pearse and I am

a native of the Palestine area. I

attended Hutsonville High School

before attending LTC, where I

attained my associates degree. I then

continued my education at Eastern

Illinois University where I majored in

Early Childhood Education. Although

I have lived in different states and taught other grade levels, my heart belongs in pre-k! I have two years of experience at Palestine Grade School and am so very fortunate to be a part of the pioneer family. My husband and I have two Siberian huskies and we love adventure! I believe in learning through play and personal experience and I try to bring as much of the world into the classroom as I can. 


                                  Hi there, 

                                  My name is Miss Maggie and I                                      am currently in my third year as                                      a preschool teacher's aide at                                        PGS. I enjoy working with small                                     children and watching them                                           grow through a creative                                                  classrooom that promotes                                             social, cognitive, and emotional learning. I attended Palestine schools through my educational career and graduated PHS in 2013. I then continued my education at Vincennes University, where I graduated with an associated degree in child development. I currently reside in Flat Rock, IL where I have grown up all my life. 

Hi there, 

   My name is Miss Jody and I have

been with Palestine school district

for six years now; however, this is

my eighteenth year working with

kids in the school systems. I am a

cross cat teacher here at PGS,

where I work with the preschool

program in the morning, and with junior high students in the afternoon. I really enjoy working with the kids! I attended Robinson schools growing up, graduating in 1992. My family and I still reside in Robinson today. 

Daily Routines

Pre-k Schedule.jpg
Pre-k Schedule pm.jpg

Dates to Remember

Pre-K Non Attendance Days (1).jpg

Thanks to these generous sponsors, each student enrolled in the preschool program is able to receive one free book per month, ordered through Scholastic Book Club. These sponsors have donated so that students may develop a love of learning as their home libraries grow and continue to support reading and literacy based learning in the home. 

Important Information

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Resources for You

Here you will find links to many videos and websites that your students have access to and use on a regular basis while at school. Although there are many other helpful and engaging videos and activities out there, these are some that they may be most familiar with. 

"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them" - Lady Bird Johnson

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