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History Club's Trip to Washington D.C. ~June 2016


History Club's Trip to Hawaii ~ June 2018

History Club's Trip to Boston 

~ June 2017

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History Club's Trip to Grand Canyon ~ June 2019

Extra Curricular Activities:
 Class of 2022 Co-Sponsor
History Club Sponsor
Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Yearbook Co-Sponsor

Ms. Cutright's 2021-2022 Class Schedule:

1st hour: Current Events (First Semester)/Global Studies from 1933-1945 (Second Semester)
2nd hour: World History (First Semester)/ 20th Century History (Second Semester)
WIN (What I Need)
3rd hour: Constitution (First Semester)/ Geography (Second Semester)
4th hour: Plan Period
5th hour: US History
6th hour: Constitution(First Semester)/Geography(Second Semester)
7th hour: US History 

Ms. Jamie Cutright's Contact Information:


Phone Number: (618) 586-2712

"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future."

~Theodore Roosevelt

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